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Best of Cat Video Fest: Creature Comforts Edition

   Help support local cinema! For the first time ever, Cat Video Fest is available to screen virtually outside of theaters! Long time Cat Video Fest curator extraordinaire, Will Braden, has crafted a 45-minute “treat” of a reel that includes the very best videos from CVF’s illustrious history. It’s rolling it out exclusively to virtual cinemas all across the country via Oscilloscope.

   Since the Best of Cat Video Fest isn’t a full-length feature, Mr. Braden and Oscilloscope are offering this as a “Pay What You Want” model, allowing you to rent the film for as a little as $.99 or pay as much as you want. Oscilloscope is very generously is giving theaters the “lion’s share” of proceeds so any amount you pay will help Cincinnati World Cinema!

   Because we are slated to receive a large percentage of the proceeds, we encourage you to consider $5, $10, $20 or more – it will really help !
   And, please share this with others.

The Best of Cat Video Fest:
Creature Comforts Edition

Curated by Will Braden
Streamed by Oscilloscope
45 min, Short Joyful Cat Videos

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