Virtual Cinema FAQ

With Cincinnati World Cinema and the Garfield Theatre closed temporarily, we are curating virtual screenings of films we think you will appreciate.  For us, this is a new way to exhibit films, and your financial support via film rentals helps us survive in these difficult times.  We hope the info below will help you navigate and enjoy the experience.

How does virtual cinema work?

The films we offer online are available through the distributor’s website. You can find a list of available films on our Virtual Cinema page, with each film also having its own page on the CWC site containing run time, description, synopsis, reviews, price, trailer and ticket links etc.  If you want to watch the trailer or rent the film, you can click through on the links provided.

By way of definition, “ticket price” and “film rental fee” are synonymous. A portion of your film rental fee will support Cincinnati World Cinema, just as it does when you buy a regular ticket at our online or theatre box offices. After covering the cost of the streaming platform, CWC and the distributor typically share the remaining proceeds equally.

Ticket price, length of rental, and viewing methods may differ for each title with details stated on the distributor film page.  The rental fee is per-household, so additional people watching with you reduces the cost-per-person.

BEFORE you purchase a film read about streaming methods and devices on the distributor webpage.

OK, I rented a film, how do I get it?

All films are available to watch via your browser, and some may also be available on apps for streaming devices. Once you’ve completed the purchase, your web browser should display instructions on how to watch the film, including information on any apps available for streaming devices. Additionally, you should receive an email receipt that also contains viewing instructions. If you are still having issues, please contact the film distributor or streaming service directly, via links on the order screen or in your email receipt.

How do I watch these films on my TV with Firestick, Chromecast, Roku, Apple, etc.?

Some films are available on apps for your streaming device such as  Firestick,  Chromecast,  Roku, and  Apple TV, Instructions for using available apps should be provided on the distributor page or email once you’ve paid for the film.

Some app and streaming service combinations have problems with subtitles. If you choose not to use the above apps, there are ways to mirror your computer, tablet or maybe your phone to your TV via a hardware solution.

Inexpensive and most common is HDMI (a standard hardware protocol that handles video and audio, installed in over 8 billion devices). If you have a laptop or desktop computer and a TV, all with HDMI or USB ports, it is easy to connect via HDMI or USB cable, just as with your Blu-ray player or DVR.  Ditto for home theatre A-V receivers and media centers. Because each person’s home configuration is unique, you may want to consult your product manuals or search the internet for info about your available devices and services.

I’m not pleased with my experience,
can I get more help or get a refund?

Tech support services are handled by the distributor and/or their streaming platforms, not CWC. All refunds are handled by the distributor, not CWC. We have no control over how distributors and streaming platforms handle the order, product delivery, payment and refund process.

Remember, this streaming collaboration is new for exhibitors and distributors alike so please be patient if you experience a few snags.  If you have trouble reaching the distributor or streaming service, contact us at and we will try to help.

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