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Rare Exports 2022

TRAILER Click to play the video. RARE EXPORTS:A CHRISTMAS TALE New York Times Critic's Pick Ralphie, Snoopy and the Hallmark / Lifetime franchises have an established place in the Christmas mediascape, but Rare Exports is something different - an intriguing...

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Ilya Muromets

Secret Base Cinema presents ILYA MUROMETS From ancient folklore, the epic story of an unlikely hero rising up to defend Kyiv from barbaric foreign invaders. THE GARFIELD THEATRE One Night Only, Thursday November 17, 7:00 Adults, $10 adv, $15 door. Students $8 adv, $12...

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Dog Video Fest

TRAILER Click to play the video. CINCINNATI IS GOING TO THE DOGS... in a fun, family-friendly way! 2022 Dog Video Fest THE GARFIELD THEATRESunday November 20, 2 and 4 pm Adults, $10 adv, $15 door.   Youth <14, $5 adv, $8 door. A portion of the proceeds will go...

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CWC News September 30

Films Next Week+ Coming Soon "LANDFALL"October 6, 7:00 PMJurakan Film Series part of the FotoFocus 2022 Biennial(in Spanish with English subtitles) Landfall looks beyond the impact of Hurricane María in Puerto Rico, exploring conditions that continue to devastate the...

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Mad God

Click to watch the trailer Secret Base Cinema presents M A D   G O D THE GARFIELD THEATRE E N C O R E     S C R E E N I N G Tuesday November 8, 7:00 pm One Night Only, Tuesday October 25, 7:00 Adults, $10 adv, $15 door. Students $8 adv, $12 door.   By popular...

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September Newsletter – Lunafest

Exclusive Area Screenings LUNAFEST 2022 in the Garfield Theatre Wed Sep 14, 7 pm and Sun Sep 18, 4 pm Streaming Online, Sep 15 -20 Consistently top-notch and always relevant, LUNAFEST respects your time and intellect with short films that engage, inspire and connect...

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Reichert Retrospective

RETROSPECTIVE TRAILER Click to play the trailer. November 6 – one-minute preview Click image to play the short clip. Julia Reichert:50 Years in Film A Retrospective presented by Women in Film Cincinnatiat The GARFIELD THEATRESundays in October & November General...

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PASSPORT (Free!) More about the FotoFocus Passport TRAILERS Click to play the trailers. Jurakán: A Film Series part of the 2022 FotoFocus BiennialTHE GARFIELD THEATREFour consecutive Thursdays in October October 6, for FotoFocus Passport holders only.October 13 - 20 -...

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August Reminder

      It's time to get your tix for this weekendHow Claymation's Will Vinton lost his studioto Nike's Phil KnightMad Max: Mel Gibson's launchpadPowerful short films in LUNAFEST     Will Vinton and Nike's Phil Knight   More from this...

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