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British Arrows 2020
Short Film Compilation: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Music.
Directors: Various, UK, 2020, 80 min.
Rental fee $10 per household.


Trailer best viewed full screen or p-i-p mode.


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    Over the past ten years CWC has presented an annual program of witty, creative commercials that won British Arrows, the UK’s advertising awards. This year, thanks to Covid-19 we have a special virtual show consisting of  standout selections from previous programs, compiled by the London-based Arrows staff in collaboration with the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.  Rounding out the selection are the winners of a timely “Made in Lockdown” competition.

☀ We often include a “classics” segment in our annual CWC presentations – our personal favorites over a decade of Arrows. This year’s “best-of” program has some overlap, but you will see many adverts not previously shown by CWC, as the choices span four decades and have been selected by others.

    You’ll find loads of self-deprecating humor, social satire, political provocation, musical sequences, celebrities, and naughty innuendo, all influenced by developing technologies and changing attitudes. This “greatest hits” compilation is not only entertaining, but provides a retrospective of filmmaking styles over four decades, as well as a history of the evolution of products and technology.

    Spanning 45 years, these are some of the best of the best — including ads directed by creative luminaries Wes Anderson (The Grand Budapest Hotel), Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast), Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), Marc Forster (Monster’s Ball), and the late Alan Parker (Pink Floyd: The Wall).

Special thanks to the Walker Art Center for facilitating this year’s virtual screening!


Sponsor and advert list in alphabetical order – not program sequence.

Born Free Foundation Life in Lockdown
Cadbury Cadbury Dairy Milk – Gorilla
Channel 4  Paralympics We’re the Superhumans
Corona Soft Drinks Tango Orange Drink – Stanley Gimble
Curry’s PC World Spare the Act
Dacia Dacia Ingenious Productions
EMI Records The Supremes – Three Little Girls
Essity Libresse Bodyform Bloodnormal
Gallaher Hamlet Cigars – Photobooth
Greenpeace Ocean of the Future
Guinness Surfer
H&M H&M Modern Essentials
H&M Come Together
Heineken Connections
Honda Honda Accord COG
Honda Impossible Dream
Hovis Bread Go on Lad
Interbrew UK Stella Artois – Doctor
John Lewis Christmas – The Long Wait
John Lewis Showtime
John West Salmon Salmon Bear
Just Eat Food Takeaway  Did Somebody Say—Just Eat?
K Shoes Creaks
Lego Lego Bricks – Kipper
Levi Strauss & Co Europe S.A. Levi 501 Jeans – Swimmer
Levi Strauss & Co Europe S.A. Levi Jeans – Creek
Levi Strauss & Co Europe S.A. Levi 501 – Drugstore
Maxell Maxell Tapes – Israelites
MoneySupermarket He-Man and Skeleton Feel EPIC
NBC Sports Premier League An American Coach in London
Nike Nothing Beats a Londoner
Parker Pens Finishing School
Pirelli P6000 Tyres
Schweppes Schweppes Tonic Strange Taste Test
Sony Bravia – Paint
Sony  Playstation Double Life
Sony Trinitron Tuning People In
Tesco Food Love Stories
Three UK The Pony
T-Mobile Life’s For Sharing – Dance
Unilever Marmite Rescue
Volkswagen Lamp Post
Whitbread Breweries Whitbread Trophy Best Bitter Switcheroo
Yeo Valley Yo Valley
Yorkshire Tea Social Distancing Teapot


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