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March at the Garfield

Here’s a quickie snapshot as we roll into March.

Oscar Shorts sales are increasing for each consecutive weekend – thanks everyone for building the buzz! March 3 Short Docs are essentially sold out and the remaining dates are headed that way. Get your tickets now!  Oscar Shorts info and tickets.

Can We All Get Along – Roughly 80% of city schools are more segregated now than forty years ago. “School Choice” is not necessarily the option originally envisioned or desired.  How did this come to pass and what does the future hold?

This documentary film and discussion about diversity in public education is worthwhile for educators, parents and concerned citizens. Director Pablo Miralles will be present for the panel discussion, so please join us and participate in the conversation. Tickets are $5.00 and $10.00, Event details and tickets.

EO – Oscar Nominee for Best International Film; Jury Prize Winner, Cannes Film Festival; Multiple top-ten lists for best film of 2022.  Powerful, moving, beautiful, joyous, heartbreaking – captures the emotions that make movies truly worthwhile.  Looking at the end of March (will wrap around the NCAA finals), save March 31 and April 2. EO Trailer


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