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  • The Oscar Shorts programs this year offer outstanding work spanning all three short film categories: Documentary, Animation and Live-Action.  
  • Focus on Documentaries – Today we will look at the five documentary short film nominees. 

Our annual presentation (CWC’s 22nd year) of the always popular Oscar Nominated Short Films, opens today (Friday, Feb 17), at the Garfield Theatre. It’s all yours to enjoy on the big screen – each program in a single sitting – in the company of family and friends … with nearby dinner options and ample parking.

We spread out the screenings to offer convenience for busy people, running four consecutive weekends. Docs are on Fridays (Feb 17, 24, Mar 03, 10), Animation and Live Action programs screen on Saturdays and Sundays (Feb 18 through Mar 11) with both same-day combos and single tickets available. If you are new or a regular, round up your friends and get your tickets now. 

Short Documentary Highlights

The short documentaries this year are really special, emphasizing hope and compassion. Each offers a different perspective and mode of composition.

* The joy of a father-daughter relationship captured over sixteen years, strengthens our hope for the future.
* A caring couple in Southern India nurtures an orphaned baby elephant, sharing the need to respect all species.
* Kindness and compassion from potential victims changes the life of the man who would harm them.
* The fate of walruses in Arctic Siberia soberly confirms that the time to address climate change is now.
* A cabinet member’s wife and unlikely whistleblower tried to take down a president and corrupt administration. Offering a female gaze on Watergate through the eyes and voice of Martha Mitchell, we now know she was right all along.

Documentaries screen Fridays at 6:30 pm — Feb 17, 24, Mar 03 and 10.

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