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T H E   C O L U M N I S T

A darkly comedic revenge thriller

  IN-THEATRE … June 12, 4 pm

☀  STREAMING ONLINE … 24×7 through July 25, 2021

85 min | NL | R | In Dutch with English subs.

One woman fights back, the other does not…

In our Saturday pairing we present the stories of two women in peril, and the differing ways they deal with toxic environments that affect not only their careers, but their sense of self, sanity and safety.

Daytime Writer, Nighttime Avenger…
THE COLUMNIST, set in the realms of social media, newspapers and book publishing, provides a subversively comedic take on a person who turns the tables on her abusers, going overboard in her pursuit of retribution.

The Price of Success…
about systemic exploitation in the entertainment industry, was inspired by the real-life experiences of its star and screenwriter. To revive a failing career, how far will a struggling actress go in an environment controlled by ego, power and sexual predation? Does the quest for success require sacrifice of one’s self-respect?

In both films, the underlying themes of vulnerability, exploitation and toxic environments are universal, offering ample ground for post-film reflection and discussion. You can watch the films separately or as a double-bill on Saturday at the Garfield.
Sosena Erco will join Tim Swallow for post-film discussion after each screening.


Femke Boot is “a figure speaking out for every woman who has been abused online, gaslighted, and then told to stop overreacting, to stop being so precious, ignore it and it’ll go away.” – Martyn Conterio, CineVue

THE COLUMNIST is a quirky and darkly comedic R-rated revenge thriller from Dutch director Ivo Van Aart, built around the ugly practice of harassment on the Internet. Van Aart’s use of satire underscores, without obscuring, the exploitive impact of misogyny, Internet trolling and bullying so often directed at women and people of color.

In Amsterdam, Femke Boot (Katja Herbers), is a popular newspaper columnist and book author who challenges the status-quo, hate speech and general lack of civility. As a result she is subjected to insults and death threats from total strangers on social media.

Against the advice of others she compulsively reads the abusive comments. Her obsession with doom-scrolling consumes her life, induces writer’s block and prevents her from concentrating on her column and the novel she owes to her publisher.

Eventually, her pent-up anger and frustration erupt into action as she turns the tables on her abusers. When her act of revenge inspires Femke to write again, she surrenders to her rage and begins a double life as a daytime writer and nighttime avenger, exacting retribution in unexpected ways.


In-Theatre & Virtual Cinema Information

☀ Live, at the GARFIELD THEATRE:

THE COLUMNIST, director Ivo Van Aart, The Netherlands, 2019, 85 minutes, in Dutch with English subs. Starring Katja Herbers. Offered alone and as part of a double-bill including NINA WU.

THE GARFIELD THEATRE, 719 Race St., Cincinnati, OH 45202. Google Map Garfield Parking Options

Saturday, June 12, 4:00 pm. With Saturday double-bill option, including NINA WU.

Single Tickets are $10, discount Saturday double-bill tickets are $16. Tix are sold in advance only, available on this webpage via the In-Theatre Tickets button, and by phone at (859) 957-3456.

ADA Access, Covid Safety Protocols, Terms of Purchases, etc., are described  here: CWC POLICIES & FAQ.

☀ Online, in the CWC VIRTUAL CINEMA:

Both THE COLUMNIST and NINA WU are available for streaming separately and as a two-film package. Single film tix are $10, the two-film package is $16. Tix are sold in advance only, available on this webpage via the Virtual Cinema Tix button, and by phone at (859) 957-3456.  Available to rent through July 5, with each film, you have 30 days to start watching and 7 days to complete once you begin.



“Scathingly funny and deeply unsettling, The Columnist is a smart, acid-tongued thriller that couldn’t have come at a better time.”
— Ben Robins, HeyUGuys

“Katja Herbers is simply phenomenal in the lead role, Femke, a heroine for our troubled times, the liberal who is mad as hell and fights back.”
— Martyn Conterio, CineVue

“A darkly delicious film that entertains throughout thanks to the perfect combination of sure-handed direction, compelling story, and commanding performances.”
— Kat Hughes, THN

“…a satirical buffet of homicidal femininity.”
— Katie Rife, AV Club

“The Columnist pairs its vicious satire with a stonking-good performance from Katja Herbers.”
— Shaun Munro, Flickering Myth

“A devilishly funny horror comedy.”
— Rachael Harper, SciFiNow


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