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Film Industry Update October 2020

(This post was updated 10-19-20 with survey data on cinema safety.) Autumn has seen the advent of more chaos in the film industry. STUDIOS:  With US audiences hesitant to return to theatres, “Tenet” (a flawed and somewhat odd choice as "the" movie industry savior) did...

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Garfield Reopening

Ohio updated daily by CovidActNow Hamilton County updated daily by CovidActNow Garfield Reopening & Related Covid-19 Developments [September 14, 2020]  This updates previous content. The State of Ohio revised the capacity limits for indoor theatres to be the...

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CWC September Newsletter

CWC SEPTEMBER NEWS: New Films: Outstanding Film Noir and a look back at America Gordon Lightfoot's music ... the Sundance Shorts John Lewis documentary run extendedOscar Shorts rescheduled Hello Everyone,   Watch our films on your TV, computer or streaming...

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"RIFIFI" Du Rififi chez les hommes Film Noir Heist Thriller Winner, Best Director, Cannes Film Festival "The best film noir I have ever seen." — Francois Truffaut Director Jules Dassin, France, 1955, 118 min., in French with English subs. Rental fee $10 per household...

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What’s In Theatres

Here are some films that recently opened in area theatres. August 28:  Three look interesting - escapist fare ranging from Iannucci's take on Dickens' Copperfield to the 30-yr-old Bill & Ted motif. There's also a well conceived story about teenage mental illness -...

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Route One USA

ROUTE ONE/USA Documentary by Rober Kramer, in two parts, 125 min each, NR Rental fee $10 per household One-week streaming window QUICK TAKE Route One/USA is a sobering portrait of America and the challenges faced in the late 1980s — just as striking and relevant today...

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CWC August Newsletter

Cincinnati World Cinema August News: Oscar Shorts Encore ... Gordon Lightfoot ... Denise Ho ... John Lewis Discussion Date Change ... Sundance Shorts Hello Everyone, Back from a restorative hiatus, with much to share. Margaret had a recent experience that spoke to the...

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“If You Could Read My Mind”

GORDON LIGHTFOOT: "If You Could Read My Mind" by Martha Kehoe & Joan Tosoni Documentary, 90 min, USA, NR Rental fee $4.99 per householdRental period extended through October Click to enlarge film posterABOUT THE FILM Watching If You Could Read My Mind, we see the...

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