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  • The Oscar Shorts at the Garfield is a wonderful chance to get the big screen experience for films typically only available through festivals or smaller screen streaming.  
  • Screening dates remaining with the most seats available.
  • Today we will look at the five animated short film nominees – Focus on Animation 
  • In the last newsletter: Focus on Documentary Shorts.

The second weekend of the popular Oscar Nominated Short Films, begins today (Friday, Feb 24), at the Garfield Theatre. The Docs, Animation and Live Action films are all yours to enjoy on the big screen – each program in a single sitting – in the company of family and friends … with nearby dinner options and ample parking.

Best remaining dates to attend, listed in order of the most seats available.

Single tickets
DOCS (Friday): Mar 10, Mar 3, Feb 24 (almost full)
ANIMATION (Sat & Sun): Mar 5, Mar 11, Mar 4, Feb 25, Feb 26.
LIVE ACTION (Sat & Sun): Mar 5, Mar 11, Mar 4, Feb 25, Feb 26.

Combo Tickets
ANIMATION + LIVE ACTION (Sat & Sun): Mar 11, Mar 4, Mar 5, Feb 25, Feb 26.

It’s great to see so many people coming out for the Oscar Shorts this year. With almost 800 tickets sold in advance, extending the run to four weekends is a convenient benefit for busy patrons. NOW is the time – don’t miss out – get your family, friends and colleagues together and get your tickets now.

Animation Highlights

The animated short films this year are stronger than usual with four excellent entries aimed at adults, plus a beautiful parable for young people. A variety of styles and back stories add intrigue and meaning.

* Based on a true story, we encounter a sailor flung high in the air by a Halifax harbor explosion, whose life floats before his eyes while airborne.
* A widower and his young son soar by parachute every day from the their home on an icy mountaintop, until the ice melts and disaster looms.

* A beautifully rendered story of kindness and acceptance featuring a boy and his animal friends.
* A cheeky look at an under-performing toaster salesman who learns that his entire world is a stop motion simulation. 
* The final film is not for kids: A Texas teenager humorously explores her blossoming libido and desire for intimacy, only to realize the choice of potential partners is not to her liking.  

The animated shorts screen Saturdays and Sundays at 3:30 pm Feb 17 through Mar 11.

Trailer, event details and tickets.

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