What Are You Watching?

Whether on a tablet, computer, TV or projection system, tell us what you’ve been watching, how you’re watching, and if you recommend to others.


  1. Tim Swallow

    A Canadian Trifecta! The doc about Canada’s national treasure – Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind, with most of his best songs. Binge-watching five seasons of the incredible series ORPHAN BLACK. And rewatching JOAN OF ARCADIA. On the 100″ laser projection system in my home screening room, see photo at top one of the benefits of being in the film business. Yes, heartily recommend all three!

  2. Joseph Kathmann

    I’ve been trying to self educate with black filmmakers recently. I’ve been either experiencing or revisiting films like:

    -John Lewis: Good Trouble (available to rent at CWC’s virtual cinema)
    -13th (Netflix)
    -When They See Us (Netflix)
    -LA 92 (Netflix)
    -Whose Streets? (Hulu)
    -I Am Not Your Negro (free to watch on most platforms)
    -Selma (PVOD)
    -Just Mercy (PVOD)
    -See You Yesterday (Netflix)
    -The Hate U Give (HBO Max)
    -Sorry to Bother You (Hulu)
    -Fruitvale Station (PVOD, also HIGHLY recommend this emotional / powerful drama)
    -Hidden Figures (PVOD)

    All of these films are outstanding. They are also helpful tools of self-education. There are many more out there, but I believe it is important now, more than ever, to hear about the black experience as told by black filmmakers. (beyond simply Spike Lee)

  3. Tim Swallow

    Good list, Joseph, thanks!
    In a similar vein, many films shown by CWC are worth your time: The Lincoln School Story, by Andrea Torrice, about integration in Hillsboro OH. Days of Thunder, by Kelly & Tammy Rundle, about the slavery and abolition debate in Cincinnati. Support the Girls, by Andrew Bujalski. Dear Basketball, by Glen Keane, by and about Kobe Bryant.
    Strongly recommend videos and readings about James BaldwinThe Fire Next Time, Notes of a Native Son, his debate with Bill Buckley, etc. All of the above, plus more, at: CWC Black Cinema & Resources and CWC Film Archives.

    • Joseph Kathmann

      Thanks for the recommendations Tim! Days of Thunder, Support the Girls, and Dear Basketball are all excellent, and I’m glad CWC showcased them!

      I haven’t seen The Lincoln School Story, I’ll have to check that out!

  4. Gloria Esenwein

    Love the info above. Thank you.

    Reading Steppin’ on the Blues, by JaCqui Malone

    Also, wonderful film about modern danCe and the department at Juilliard that Martha Hill started. “Miss Hill: Making DanCe Matter” saw thru Kanopy and the publiC library, but it is on Youtube as well.

  5. Michael Brett

    Recently watched “Blood Into Wine” a documentary about winemakers in Arizona of all places. Primarily centered around Maynard James Keenan, the lead singer from Tool. Pretty interesting especially if you are into wine and rock n roll. (on Amazon Prime).

    Never miss an opportunity to recommend Blake Edward’s 1968 film “The Party” or Bill Murray’s Hunter S Thompson in “Where the Buffalo Roam from 1980. Two of my comedy favorites.

    And for a bit of Horror, Attenborough’s 1978 – “Magic” with Anthony Hopkins, Burgess Meredith and Ann Margaret. Its “Sen-f’ing-sational” 😉

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